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There are two different tiers for brewtubers in order to join the club; a free membership and a paid membership. Non-paying members will have access the lobby inside our Discord channel once they arrive! Paying members get access to ~15 different discord sub-channels that range from recipe creation to National Homebrew Convention talk, so come join the discussion! Click “membership” in the menu to start your non-paying membership or paid membership. To see the benefits of paid membership, click the beer mug icon.

Want to download some of our frequently talked about recipes? Want to share your own? Visit our recipe share page, just click the barley icon.

If you are a rural home brewer and there are no local in person clubs near you, you don’t have the time to join a local club, or you’ve seen some of us on YouTube & just want to learn more; Brewtubers is your home! Many Brewtubers also belong to local clubs and find the format and concept of our outfit to be appealing as well. When at any competition or attending any brewing event, list your club as “Brewtubers Online Brew Club” if you’d like!

The next time you sit down for a morning coffee spin up the youtube, watch a Brewtuber, and become part of the world wide family. Cheers!

Beer Related Podcasts three of our favorite Podcasts are listed here. Follow them to show your support. Also if you are a Podcaster and would like your Podcast listed here, then click the icon and add your cast using the form at the bottom of the page. Cheers!

How to find us

You can find Brewtubers all over the internet! Those of you who brew beer and video blog about your journey are Brewtubers, so why not make it official? Go to the membership tab and register, then click on the discord menu tab and request access in order to join the discussion today! If you’re looking for Brewtubers related content on the inter webs, go on YouTube, type in “Brewtubers,” and you will find a Brewtuber video!