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A Brewtuber is anyone who chooses to call themselves a Brewtuber even if you do not post videos. If you find yourself watching and commenting on a fellow Brewtuber video then you are a Brewtuber.

Share recipes here. Brewtubers post their award winning beers here for sharing, check it out! Or post your own to ``the Brewery``-Brewtubers Forum

If you are a rural Home Brewer and there are no local Home Brew Clubs near you, or you simply do not have the time to join a local club, then Brewtubers is your home. Many Brewtubers can also belong to a Local club and belong to Brewtubers. When at any competition or attending any brewing event list your club as Brewtuber Online Brew Club.

The next time you sit down for a morning coffee spin up the youtube, watch a Brewtuber, and become part of the world wide family. Cheers!

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You can find Brewtubers all over the internet! Those of you who brew beer and video blog about your journey are Brewtubers. Load youtube type in ``home brew Wednesday`` and you will find a Brewtuber.